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SC CWP Course

Earn your South Carolina

Concealed Weapons Permit.

Course is $75

Online Instruction Available.


Basic Pistol Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to Firearms, Grip, Stance,

Different Kinds of Pistols, Handling Recoil

Lesson 2: Breaking Down Pistol and Cleaning

Lesson 3: Malfunctions and Reloads

Lesson 4: Precision Shooting and Defensive


Lesson 5: Legal Ramifications (Self Defense,

Carrying Concealed Properly)

Shooting Portion is included in each class

Costs of each lesson: $65 


Entire Curriculum Discount Discounts Available


1.5-2 Hours Per Lesson


Carbine Course

Learn the fundamentals of the AR-15

platform and how to employ the

rifle defensively.


Costs $150


3 Hour Course


NRA Basic Pistol Course


Learn the basics of pistol shooting.


Costs $100


8 Hour Course


Online Firearm Course

Register for live and recorded

 Firearm Courses.

Price Varies depending on course.


Personal Training

If you are new to firearms or

want to improve your proficiency

with a firearm, this class is for you.

This class will help you improve

your shooting ability.

Costs: $60 per hour 

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