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The Weapons of Our Warfare

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God..." 2nd Corinthians 10:4

When we think of defending ourselves or our families we always think of what can be done physically; buy a gun, get an alarm system, or carry a pocket knife, but we don't think about the fact that every fight we get into begins in the Spirit. Whether it be an active shooter or depression, these kinds of assaults start from our enemy, the devil. Last time I checked a bullet doesn't stop him but we as Christians have options more powerful than a .45 and they spread greater than 12 gauge shotshells.

2nd Corinthians 10:4 tells us the type of spiritual weapons we have to battle satan and to cover ourselves and our families here on earth. The first thing Corinthians tells us is that the weapons we have are spiritual, not physical("not carnal"). The second thing Corinthians tells is that they are mighty in God. This means that our weapons are of God and from Him because they are used in conjunction with Him. In Ephesians 6:17 when talking about the armor of God, Paul mentions plainly a weapon that we have which is the "Sword of the Spirit," which is the "Word of God."

The Sword of the Spirit is how we wage war. Psalm 144:1 says "Praise the LORD my Rock who trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle ." If you want to learn how to wage war read the Word. If you want to attack back at the enemy learn the Word. The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God is used to cut the lies of satan, demolishes the false thoughts, and rends the weights and sins that we carry. Dont only carry a .45, carry the Sword. Let all of your life be surrounded with the WORD.

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