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The site now includes real world data on business failure rates, access to the free version, tutorials, and resources for educators. To celebrate this occasion, we’re giving away 5000 copies of the game to the first 5000 visitors. A new client is out – Capitalism 2.3. We’ve taken the opportunity to include a few new features and improvements, and we’ve made a few internal improvements as well. In the new version, we’ve made the basic growth model in the game use real world data on business failure rates, so that the game comes with realistic numbers of failures, and offers a learning experience that is grounded in the real world. You can now also now download the game without using the internet if you only have a limited number of hours for online access, and play offline games using the new local storage feature. If you have made good progress in the game, you can now also unlock the start-up kit in the game if you have access to the start-up kit. A new tutorial has been added. If you haven’t used it before, it will walk you through the game step by step. We’ve also done some work on the web interface to bring it up to modern standards. Finally, we’ve improved the online game play experience with a new scoreboard that displays the levels of your company, the net worth of your company, and the return on your investment (ROI) after a certain period of time. Here’s a short list of the features you will find in this release: KPI (Key Performance Indicator) screens that you can show in graphs and text to see how your company is doing. Modern web interface with support for customizing and displaying graphs and tables of your data. Start-up kit that can be downloaded to your computer and installed on a local server, allowing you to play offline games. Online to Offline gameplay Internet-free Local storage Visualisation of your investments And we’re giving away 5000 copies to the first 5000 visitors! If you’re planning on playing the game, please click here now for all the details on how to access the game and download it to your computer. Also, we’ve prepared a series of five blog posts that will be written with the help of LSE students that will take you through the



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